How to be productive using Pomodoro technique

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The Pomodoro technique is a strategy for those who want to focus on specific tasks and get things done without distractions. It is often used when one has a large amount of work to focus on. Everyone can benefit from it, either on the personal or professional fields. The technique is about measuring the time to focus on something, as well as taking several calculated breaks that aim to increase productivity.If you turn the use of this technique into a habit, you will increase your productivity, improve your work methods, manage your time better and stay more focused. If Pomodoro doesn’t help you organize your work, feel free to add another technique you’re comfortable with.

In the 90’s decade, Francesco Cirillo named the technique after the tomato-shaped timer he used to track his work when he was a student. The process consists on dividing the work into phases, each one separated into short, timed intervals. It keeps you being consistently productive and the breaks, referred to as pomodoros, are made to assure you can relax and gain more motivation/creativity.
And you only need a timer. These are the steps:

Choose a task to be accomplished. You can buy a Pomodoro tool (that works as a timer) and set it to 25 minutes. If you couldn’t purchase the tomato shaped object you can use another alternative, such as an app, a countdown clock or an egg timer.

Dedicate yourself to the task, with no distractions, for 25 minutes. Then, the pomodoro will ring and you will have the right to do a 5 min break and then you go on until you complete four pomodoros. Every four Pomodoros, you are allowed to do a longer break. Be strict to yourself! It all depend on your mindset and willingness to take this seriously. In the beginning, it may seem hard to follow through but the more you apply this technique, the better you execute it.

If you happen to get distracted during the time count, you have to end the pomodoro or postpone the distraction (if possible) until the pomodoro allows you to do a break. It’s up to you to evaluate if the distraction is worthy of postponing or not. Time can be our greatest ally or our worst enemy. Is our responsibility to change the way we view it, adopting a way to work with it.