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Nearshore IT services from Lisbon

Nearshore Portugal is an IT company working with European clients, providing them with the best resources at competitive rates. Without the risks and cultural barriers involved in offshoring outsourcing, Nearshore Portugal services come with language and timezone proximity, making companies like they’re really part of the team.


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Specialist development team

The automation of systems and implementation of new technologies and processes creates a constant need for new competencies that companies can hardly accompany.

Through our database, we can anticipate those needs and are prepared to present you a team suitable for your business and technology needs, simultaneously reducing the operational costs and development time.

The constant training at Nearshore Portugal Academy together with our Research & Development team allows us not only to have the most competent professionals but also to train teams in the most recent technological innovations and best practices of the industry.

Mobile app development

At Nearshore Portugal we develop mobile solutions and Facebook apps according to the client’s briefing. Involved in every stage of the project, the client participates since the strategy definition, creativity, production until the activation.

Our teams will also advise you on the applications and devices and help you bring your idea to life.

Research & Development

Our R&D area plays an important role in our development projects. Working closely with our technical team and academic partners, it aims to challenge conventional thinking when it comes to creating and developing innovative projects or exploring leading edge technologies.

Relying on a dynamic team of seasoned professionals with diversified backgrounds it fosters novel and elegant approaches to software engineering problems.

Software product development

At Nearshore Portugal, we promote constant technical appreciation investing, on a perfect combination between the most recent technological innovations and the best, most qualified resources.

Our team is specialized and certified in several programming technologies, creating productivity tools directed at bringing more value to your business. We don’t develop software – we turn ideas into reality.

Dedicated Academy

In a highly competitive market where well trained and motivated employees make all the difference, we believe our Academy is a key element to our people strategy, providing free training and learning to all consultants.

Each month we explore a different subject, allowing both our new and experienced consultants to develop and enhance their various consulting skills.

Project Management

NP has developed strong internal resources based on properly certified and internationally recognized skills, with diverse experience in national and international projects. Our purpose is to help different business sectors to achieve excellence through the efficient practice of project management in areas of Technology and Information Systems.

Our Project Management consultants have an effective contribution in the organizational structures, ensuring robustness throughout the whole development process, by relying on sound methodologies and on the best tools in the market.

Our PMO service aims to provide organizations with specialized consultants in Project Management, which is not limited to pure function of Project Management, but also having the ability to act in the strategic (re)planning of an organization, performing functions such as consultancy design and implementation of a PMO in the organization.