React was created with a business-forward mindset by leveraging faster web-page load speed, SEO friendliness, and code reusability through combining HTML and Javascript.


Why React is the right choice for your project?

  • Component Based

    React enables the production of module-like pieces of code called “components”. These code snippets display a particular part of the user interface, which can be replicated across several web pages.

  • Virtual DOM

    The Virtual DOM boosts the speed of modern web applications because it eliminates de usage of code-heavy frameworks such as Jquery and other bootstrapping libraries.

  • Seamless SEO integration

    React significantly reduces page load time through faster rendering speed, adapting its performance in real-time based on current user traffic.

  • Ease of Migration

    React code can be added anywhere onto existing infrastructure without the concern of shutting down the system for maintenance.

  • Easily perform unit testing

    The component creation aspect of this library enables developers to efficiently perform unit testing, ensuring no system crashes occur.

  • API friendly

    React is a very API friendly library and is extensible across a multitude of frameworks. It works seamlessly with Google’s iconic Material Design and SemanticUI frameworks to leverage user interface development.

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