Angular is one of the most powerful javascript frameworks. It helps making javascript much simpler and well-structured.


Why Angular is the right choice for your project

  • Typescript usage

    Angular is based on Typescript, a superset of Javascript. When compared to javascript, a strong advantage of Typescript is error identification while typing the code, enabling developers to fix mistakes right away

  • Code Consistency

    The component-based nature of Angular applications keeps the codebase organized and easier to maintain. The components are highly reusable and much more readable for engineers who are not familiar with the code.

  • Stability

    All versions starting from Angular 2 are backward compatible. This means you can upgrade your project to a new angular version without changing the codebase. Besides, Angular is powered by Google, what adds more stability.

  • Easy Testing

    The modular system also makes testing simpler, as separate components are easier to test.

  • Modularity

    Angular applications are organized in modules. This means the code is organized in separate modules responsible for different functions. This structure allows “lazy loading” which loads only the required features and optimizes de application.

  • Cross-Platform

    You can use angular for developing different applications such as web, native, and mobile apps. Moreover, Angular allows creating progressive web apps – web applications that load like webpages but provide extra functionality that is usually offered only by native mobile applications

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