Vue.js is a Javascript library for building web interfaces using the MVVM architecture pattern. Is currently one of the most emerging front-end technologies often mentioned in connection .


Why Vue.js is the right choice for your project

  • Flexibility and Integration

    Vue.js can easily be added to any web project because of its simple structure. As the backend is built on Javascript, developers can also use it to experiment with many other JS applications.

  • Two-way communication

    Vue facilitates two way communications because of its MVVM architecture which makes it easy to handle Html blocks.

  • Comprehensive Documentation

    Vue.js documentation is very detailed, easy to understand, and includes several code examples. Vue.js developers can also profit from an active and growing community of developers that can offer help when needed.

  • Code Speed

    Vue makes it very easy to set-up, and start coding which means that a Minimum Viable Product can be made a lot faster than in any other framework.

  • Virtual DOM

    Instead of re-rendering the whole page as is the case with regular DOM, Vue update only the objects that have changed, saving the time and resources regular DOM otherwise consume.

  • Component-based UI development

    Vue’s considerable libraries of components facilitate code reuse, improve developer productivity, and speed up the development process.

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